About Mekong

         Over 18 years of establishment, construction and development, Mekongfish is known as a reputable company of Aquaculture, Processing and Exporting Seafood Industry in Vietnam.

        From a small business, with the continuous efforts of all employees, the precious support from partners and customers; along with strategic plans from our Board of Directors, Mekongfish is constantly growing and asserting our brand in the international market. Up to now, despite the fluctuation of the market, Mekongfish has maintained the operation sustainability and effectively. Our desire is to bring Vietnam pangasius to the world. We are always proud to contribute to improve the living standard of fishermen, created jobs for workers in the Mekong Delta Region and brought quality and prestigious products to our valued consumers. 

       The initiative in raw materials, stable export market, well-performed financial and risk management; along with effective strategy have contributed to the company’s continuous growth of profit. Through 18 years of development, Mekongfish has won many awards such as "Second-class Labor Order", "Third-class Labor Order", “The Prestigious Export Enterprises in 2006”, “Recognition of Export Performance throughout the year of 2009” , achieve “The best financial leverage index in program of Evaluating Capacity of Business Activities in 2013” and company has successfully completed the assessment program on “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” in 2016-2017, Merit of the Ministry of Trade for export achievement in 2002 - 2004 and 2005 - 2007; Gold medal for high quality product in 2004 - 2006...