Location advantages
MEKONGFISH’s factory is located on Hau riverside in Can Tho city, also known as the “county town” of the Mekong Delta, which is beneficial for the transportation of fresh fish and raw materials to the processing factory by waterway. Remarkably, the construction of riverside dock has optimized both the transportation and the arrival of the materials. Our company has been paying close attention to food safety and  has prioritized the benefits of consumers in all of its activities ever since the first few years in operation. With the slogan “Good quality builds good trust with clients,” MEKONGFISH CO. will continue improving and developing core values of product quality to become a prestigious, trustworthy brand in both domestic and international markets.

Production line and skilled workforce
At Mekongfish, we invest in modern facilities and regularly upgrade our equipment to adapt to the increasing quality and quantity of the market. The ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP program has been applied to our production line in order to ensure the best quality and safety products. Besides, our skilled workforce is one of Mekongfish’s advantages. We are proud to own a team of workers and technicians that have more than 20 years experience in the fishery industry. High qualified human resource is the core value that determines Mekongfish’s product quality and brand reputation. Yearly, we organise training courses to improve worker’s skill and upgrade awareness regarding new technology and food safety regulations.