15:00 | 19/05/2020

Mekongfish reported profit before tax of VND 8.5 billion in the first 6 months of 2019

In the first 6 months, net revenue is 95 billion dong, down by 14%. Profit before tax was VND 8.5 billion, up 10.4% and exceeding 6% of the year plan. It is known that in 2019, Mekong Fisheries sets targets of revenue and profit before tax of VND 220 billion and VND ...
14:59 | 19/05/2020

AAM: Report on becoming a major shareholder of Can Tho Motilen Building Materials Joint Stock Company

14:55 | 19/05/2020

Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock Company (AAM: HOSE)

Currently, the number of export Pangasius processing companies in the region tends to increase and it is expected that by the end of 2009 this number will increase more. Aware of the Company's position in a competitive environment in raw materials, human resources and markets, Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock Company has ...
14:50 | 19/05/2020

2nd quarter of the year 2019 profits go sideways, Mekong seafood still "finish" early after the first 6 months

As a result, Mekong Fisheries generated VND 4.6 billion in profit before tax, a slight increase of 3% over the same period. However, after-tax profit decreased more than 5% to VND 3.7 billion. In the first 6 months, Mekong Fisheries recorded 94.5 billion dong net revenue, down by 14% YoY but EBT ...
14:48 | 19/05/2020

Mekong Fisheries (AAM) sets a target of 220 billion VND in revenue 2019

The General Meeting of Shareholders of Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock Company (AAM) has approved the production and business plan for 2019. In terms of frozen goods, AAM targets to achieve 4,000 tons of output, 220 billion VND of sales, 8 billion VND of profit before tax and expected dividend payment of 6% ...
14:47 | 19/05/2020

Mekongfish bought 2.4 million treasury shares to stabilize prices

Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock Company (stock code AAM) has just announced the Board of Directors' resolution on the approval of the company's treasury stock purchase plan. Specifically, AAM will buy back 2.4 million shares, equivalent to 24.16% of outstanding shares to make treasury shares to stabilize stock prices in the market. The company ...