Core Value

We put product quality as the priority. Basing on the most rigorous quality standards, we control all of our products from raw material input, processing time, frozen process, packaging, warehousing to distribution, ensuring that exported products acquire international standard. 

We commit to create products that deliver exceptional value, with a commitment to sustainability in terms of quality, pangasius distinction and delivery time. 

We consistently innovate and adapt advanced technologies in manufacturing processes in order to optimise production and create the most outstanding qualified products, satisfying the diverse demand of customers.
Mekongfish proudly owns a team with extensive experience and high seniority in fisherity industry in Vietnam. Mekongfish employees, with all enthusiasm, dedication and work responsibility, all strive for the best values for the company and our customers.

Social responsibility is an important consideration in everything we do. In parallel with Mekongfish’s constant development, we always take full responsibility toward food safety, social welfare and environment protection.