Mekongfish possesses a 3-hectare processing facility, which is capable of producing up to 50 tonnes of products everyday. The company also has a cold storage with a total capacity of 4000 tones and machinery imported from Japan. Additionally, thanks to the professional managers and over 360 skilled workers, Mekongfish is proud of its manufacturing processes as well as the quality of exported products for global consumers. With a team of qualified and experienced technicians, the environmental management and disease prevention for Pangasius are carried out periodically and strictly follow the standard process.

Fish stock is carefully selected from high standard pangasius farms in Vietnam such as Hong Ngu (Dong Thap province), Tan Chau (An Giang province), Soc Trang, Phung Hiep (Hau Giang province). Our seedlings  are cautiously screened to ensure that they are all fresh, active, pathogen-free, uniform in size, healthy in appearance and high potential for survival 

Mekongfish farms entirely use industrial food from Proconco Can Tho Co. Ltd, where quality has been assessed, ensuring optimal nutrition and safety for aqua-farm’s surrounding environment.

Pond Management
Ponds are strictly controlled during the renovation - raising - stocking - raising - harvesting periods. We arrange 2 technicians directly examine each pond and monitor water condition in order to detect abnormalities of the fish pond. From that, provide promptly solutions. 

The company develops a strict process to manage and monitor the quality of food and pond based on VietGap and GlobalGap standards. With our qualified and experienced technicians, the management of culture environment and prevention of fish diseases are carried out periodically based on our procedures.