Each step to process raw materials from pangasius is always performed meticulously and skillfully. Firstly, the blood is removed to ensure the whiteness of the fish flesh, without any blood left among the sections. Next, the fish are filleted. The filleting requires flexibility and skillfulness of the performers. The cuts must be fast and accurate to make the fillets more eye-catching. After filleting, the fish fillets are sent to skin removal, where the fish skin is detached from the flesh by a skinning machine. The skinless fillets are eventually transported to the shaping phase. This is an essential process in shaping the products, so it must be done properly and meticulously. The well-shaped fish blocks are then categorized according to size, which is an intermediate phase within the production processes at the manufacturing facility. The fillets, after categorized by size, are processed and rinsed before being weighed and sent to further steps such as arranging the fillets in trays or putting them on IQF conveyor belt with a modern large-capacity and quick-freezing system to eventually produce appealing, standardized frozen fish fillets. Packaging is the last phase to complete the final products representing the company’s brand. 

To allow the manufacturing procedures to achieve high efficiency when it comes to dates of completion. There are several cutting-edge facilities to assist in the packaging, guaranteeing 100% of the delivery dates as assigned in the contract with the clients. The packaged final products are refrigerated in the cold storage system, which is built and equipped with cutting edge facilities imported from Japan. The cold storage utilizes sophisticated technology and methods to keep the products at the standardized temperature of -18 C. The final products after being packaged are preserved in a well-organized, scientific order. The commodities are also well-monitored to ensure both quality and quantity for any particular order at different periods in the storage.  

For Mekongfish Co, each successful delivery to the company’s partners or the consumers is a message about the product quality as well as the company’s sincere gratitude to clients in and out of the country who have been trusting and supporting Mekongfish Co for the past many years.